5 Best Car Games For Mobile – Every Car Lover Should Try

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Are you looking for some fun car games on your phone? If yes then this wesbite post is definitely for you. In this article I am going to tell you about the top five best car games for mobile. These are the games which give you the experience of driving cars in real life.

Before starting off, let me tell you that these games are available only for android devices. They require high speed internet connection. The game play has got an amazing graphics and sound effect. You get to enjoy the thrill of playing these awesome car games.

There are lots of other apps out there that offer similar features to these games. So before downloading these games, you should check whether they provide the same or better features.

It is very important to choose such games wisely because if they don’t satisfy you then it would become boring after installing them. So before you download these games, take time to read my review and decide which ones you want to install.

I have included each of these games separately, so that you can easily compare the features and performance of these games. Let us start our journey now!

Here Are The 5 Best Car Games For Mobile

Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8 is probably the best car racing game available for Android. The game has amazing graphics, more than 300 licensed vehicles and over 75 tracks.

The career mode of this game is really addicting, and the visuals will keep you engaged the whole time. This is the best game for all car racing game lovers.

Asphalt 8: Airborne is the first game in the series to feature airborne gameplay, allowing players to perform stunts while in mid-air. The game also features a new physics engine that delivers more realistic gameplay.

Need for Speed™ No Limits

No Speed Limits from EA Games is another top rated Android car racing game available on Google Play Store. It was developed by the same team behind the popular Real Racing 3.

It is a car racing game which is famous for its HD graphics. You need to win races, level up your rep, and customize/upgrade your cars in this game. The game offers you racing tracks and real world cars to play with.

CSR Racing

CSR Racing is the ultimate drag racing game on city streets, featuring over 100 licensed cars, stunning graphics, addictive gameplay, and fierce competition between online players. You can race a sprint in a spare minute, or go for a great lap at the top of the leaderboard.

Horizon Chase – Arcade Racing

Horizon Chase is one of the most unique and addictive car racing games you’ll play on Android. This game is inspired by the greatest hits of the 1990s and 1990s.

The highlight of the game is that it brings back the graphical look of the 16-bit generation. So, if you’re a fan of vintage racing games, you’ll definitely love this game.

Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt Extreme may not be the most popular entry in the Asphalt series, but it’s still playable. This game is famous for its excellent graphics and gameplay.

Asphalt Extreme brings you more than 50 monster machines to fuel your passion for fast wheels and powerful cars. It also has a real-time multiplayer mode that lets you compete with your friends.

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