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Commando Adventure Assassin MOD APK is a shooting game for commando lovers. Although it cannot be compared to the popular super-hard online shooters, it has a lot to admire. It is easy to handle, understand, and play. The game has classic gameplay, beautiful 3D scenery, fast and smooth speed, and many unexpected changes. Any further reasons for not playing Commando Adventure Assassin?

Introduction About Commando Adventure Assassin

Offline shooting with 1001 unpredictable stages

Excellent offline game

Offline gaming can sometimes be underrated. Since it’s often true that they’re not very good, players may not mind seeing an “offline” label in a game title. This time, however, he changed his mind.

Google Play has some good offline games so I checked it out. So every time I hear my boss swear, my mood has room for improvement. Then I accidentally found an FPS shooter. Once I realized I could play it offline, I downloaded it. As expected, I enjoyed the game. After two days of trying my best to get hold of the gun, I am able to offer it to you as a download and run service.


Commando Adventure Assassin puts you in command of a commando that will take part in a series of military combat missions. In the spirit of great patriotism, you are ready to do anything, destroy all enemies, stand at the head of every battle to serve the nation and eradicate all seeds of rebellion.

How to play

The gameplay is also quite simple. In the upper left corner of the screen there is a map to monitor the situation. Below you have different weapons and you can quickly switch back and forth when needed. The right row contains buttons for activating combat abilities such as walking, running, and jumping. Navigation will take place directly by touching the screen.

As you kill enemies, you will collect gold coins and increase the range of your weapons. In addition to unlocking new weapons, Commando Adventure Assassin also has many weapon upgrades, such as weapon slots, knife damage, and grenade cores… It’s not just new weapons and new gear. It will open, but the commandos also have more items. Useful as first aid kits.

Many hidden surprises

It is not a cult blockbuster, nor a top-notch shooter like other online games. Although Commando Adventure Assassin always brings some surprises, the game is never boring. And when I face these moments, to be honest, I really admire the producer.

Let me tell you a story about collecting Easter eggs. I was fighting every time a special gift signal appeared. Then suddenly a big bullet that didn’t even need to be aimed flew towards the enemy in front of me. In slow motion with a graceful step. It was, you know, very surprising to me.

You must remember that there are three things that sometimes put us in a position where we cannot sustain. One is to aim before you shoot. Another is to constantly reload ammo. The third is limited ammo. Every mission brings more enemies, who can arrive from anywhere. They are marked with red circles, and the health indicator is a long red bar just above their head. Looking at these constantly moving red circles, your task is to shoot first.

Then move your eye to the viewfinder and tap the shutter button to aim at the correct target. Switch ammo and then continue shooting at the other enemy. Thinking in a moment about which direction to attack first or which direction to attack from is enough to make things difficult for players. Especially when the battlefield is crowded with many enemies and they have more abilities than just short shots.

Graphics and sound

The first person shooting stages are quite fluid. Running and jumping are also fluid for the character. The physics simulation of traversing difficult terrain or climbing stairs and then jumping from a high cabin isn’t very fast. However, this is enough to show the complexity of the battlefield context.

The graphics are pretty decent, actually pretty good for an offline shooter on mobile. The 3D space is designed quite well. The explosion effects, slow motion segments, and shooting stages where you aim directly at the enemy are very engaging. Because you

App NameCommando War Army Game Offline
Size69.24 MB
Latest Versionv1.95
Update onOct 20, 2022
Mod infoDumb Enemies
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Commando War Army Game Offline
Commando War Army Game Offline v1.95 Mod
February 6, 2023 69.24 MB
Dumb Enemies

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