5 Best Strategy Games For Mobile – You Should Try

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Are you looking for some new strategy games to play on your mobile? Well look no further! In this article, we’re giving you our top picks of strategy games that you can download from the Google Play Store or App Store. These games are perfect for both adults and kids alike, and they won’t break your bank account either. So read on to discover more about these awesome games now!

Keep reading to see what makes them so effective.

Best Strategy Games For Mobile

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is one of the best-selling movie-based horror games. Awe-inspiring details and cinematography have been recreated on gaming console and PC platforms. Now, however, it is available on the touch device along with everything else. Players can experience their favorite activities anywhere. Graphics are best suited to smooth movement. Feel the fear embedded in the sound as you play. Will you continue to meet your challenges?

Escape from a dangerous killer

Dead by Daylight Mobile will allow players to choose between two characters. The first is a hunter with a gun whose job it is to hunt down his prey. The second character will be a fugitive whose only goal is to escape the pursuit of the killer. Both parties will perform their respective tasks in a large area and can communicate with their surroundings to assist in the necessary operations. Once a certain number of players have been caught, the hunter wins. With the victims fleeing, whoever survives and completes the mission wins. Choose your character and start the scary hunt now.

Last Shelter: Survival

Self Zombie is a game on the theme of disasters. But it will not be a shooting game. Essentially Last Refuge: Survival will be the process of developing your barracks. Build towers and defensive buildings. Only recruit, train, and train human survivors. Recruit more legendary war heroes. Upgrade your barracks and strengthen your army. Fight against the terrifying attacks of the walking dead. Using all of your strategies, you have a sound strategic plan. Win and make people happy.

Not to mention the special shelter factor. Perhaps only Last Refuge: Survival brings the bunker feature to such a raging zombie scene. Shelters will be the only place for its inhabitants to live in peace. Designed to float together, easily connect power, water, food systems…easy and fast. In addition, the highest level of security is provided. Only when there’s a mess inside. We need to develop a plan to deal with this.

Art of War 3

Art of War 3 is, simply put, everything you could want in a strategy game. It has direct control, so you’ll be head-to-head in an amazing universe of player-versus-player battles. If you’re not afraid to take on top-ranked players around the world, this will be very useful, giving you a rare chance to show off just how great a commander you are. Auto-opponents only go so far, but having a real-life player on the other side of the screen get completely destroyed by your extraordinary abilities is a whole different story. Fight and blow things up, plan and coordinate your troops, and show everyone online who’s boss.

Like all epic stories, Art of War 3 takes us into the near future. Don’t worry, the world isn’t too dystopic, as it hits pretty close to home. Greed, hunger, and war have gripped the planet, and two major forces have driven it all: the Confederation and the Resistance. It’s your job to figure out where you stand in the world, who you’ll send your troops to fight for, and which division is worth bleeding.

You will fight shoulder to shoulder with the greatest generals, commanders and soldiers the world has ever seen, so get ready for the battles of a lifetime. It is entirely up to you what your heart beats for. If you join the Confederation, you have to save the entire world from Red Alert. However, if you decide to join the resistance and fight, you will reveal your rebellious side and destroy the system of world domination established in this universe.

Cyber Hunter

A game with several unique features, Cyber ​​Hunter tries to shake up the formula of action games. In fact, the game has several elements that set it apart from all other action games. But does it meet expectations? Or is it not living up to expectations?

Cyber ​​Hunter’s story revolves around a boy who lives in a quiet town called Philadelphia. One day, he receives a mysterious call from his father, telling him that he must proceed to a top-secret facility called the Hyperion Research Facility due to a critical problem facing all the people there. Once there, the boy finds himself trapped in underground Battle Royale games that have been created specifically for humans.

At the facility, he meets another cyborg who is also missing, and the two become enemies. I won’t reveal the ending because it’s going to be really epic. However, you can clearly see that Cyber ​​Hunter has a lot in common with several other action-packed hit games like Killzone and Metal Gear Solid.

However, unlike other action-packed games, Cyber ​​Hunter’s graphics are quite unimpressive, and some people might even criticize the art style for being simplistic and boring. I personally feel that the game’s story and art are not as good as they could be. This is probably because I’m not a huge fan of battle royale games and what is sometimes associated with them. However, it is a personal preference. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend playing it if you are a big fan of Battle Royale games or the cartoon movies that these games feature.

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