Best Casual Games For Mobile – You Should Try

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Are you looking for best casual games for mobile to play on your smartphone or tablet? If yes then this wesbite post is definitely for you. There are lots of excellent choices available. The question is, which ones are they?
In this article I am going to tell you about the top five best Casual games for mobile.
Casual gaming has become extremely popular over the last couple of years. This type of game is usually played for fun rather than competition.

Here Are The 5 Best Casual Games For Mobile

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is a simple endless game where you explore desert dunes, wall-mounted rock formations, and ancient ruins. However, the beautiful sound design, soothing soundtrack, and color palettes will keep you coming back for more adventures.

As much as I love Alto Adventure, it was important that Odyssey introduce enough new content to justify itself. Fortunately, there’s plenty for die-hard fans and newcomers to the franchise to unpack and explore.

The core game mode is back with plenty of objectives for each run and characters and features to unlock, and the fan-favorite Zen mode has also been added for those times when you want to relax. . And I want to rest.

Among us

There is a very popular social deduction game among us. Like Mafia or Werewolf, it challenges you to find the villain in your crewmates. However, at the start of a match, a randomly selected rogue will attempt to kill all crewmates and/or sabotage the mission.

A cheater will need to use all sorts of nefarious methods to kill everyone, including using ventilation systems to speed things up, emptying corpses, and tricking other players into taking the blame. to give. Can stay

It’s a fun, often casual hoodnet game, and while it’s not as popular as it once was, there are still plenty of players willing to hit and score. It is a free download and has cross-play between the mobile and PC versions.

Plague inc

Released for both Android and iOS in 2012, Plague Inc. has a simple goal: wipe out humanity with a pandemic. Although it’s a bit gross to think about, the game is a huge success with over 160 million downloads worldwide.

in this game, you play as the invisible hand of evolution to guide your chosen plague to destroy humanity. The game has countless options, from simple bacteria to engineered bio-weapons. After choosing where to start your plague, you will spend most of your time looking at the world map. The game does its best to simulate the world economy and the movement of pathogens between countries and continents. Occasionally you need to press red popups that give you more DNA points to develop your pathogen and blue popups that hinder humanity’s efforts to develop a cure in time.

The Android version of Plague Inc. is vastly inferior to its iOS counterpart. Although free to play, the Android version does not have the option to purchase in-game expansions, such as the Summon Flow and Shadow Plague expansions.

Fishing life

Fishing Life puts you in the shoes of a man trying to recapture the childhood joy of fishing with his father. It’s a heartfelt premise for a very heartfelt game. The controls couldn’t be simpler, just hold release until the gauge is full then release to drop the line.

The true essence of the game comes from selling your catches to upgrade your gear. You’ll need to upgrade your rod, tackle, line, and even your boat to catch the big fish that live beneath the waves. You can catch whales, sharks, penguins and of course lots of fish.

A soothing soundtrack, the sounds of crashing waves, cycling from day to night, and a soothing color palette all add to the relaxing feel of real-life fishing. The only major downside to this free title is that the ads are incredibly frequent and quite intrusive. However, you need a one time purchase to remove ads from the game. This game is definitely aimed at the fishing purists among us.

Fruit ninja

Enter the world of Fruitasia where your sensei is waiting for you with fruit fighting missions. To get started with Fruit Ninja all you have to do is slice fruits, not bombs. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be shredding like an old pro in no time.

As your game improves, you can upgrade your blades and join new Dojos. Learn how to handle sliced ​​bananas and pomegranates, not to mention the rare 10 great wave fruits. It all sounds fun and a little ridiculous, but it’s all for fun and distraction. This is the perfect casual game.

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